About Us

Octane is your trusted partner offering installation and dismantling services to convention, trade show, marketing and retail customers. Our know-how, infused with our passionate desire to create the optimal client experience, is what sets us apart from our competitors in this highly competitive industry. We offer our clients the optimal blend of real-time technology, talent and best-in-class, 24/7 customer service. All of our operations and communication platforms are centralized including administration, operations support and billing. Whether your project takes us around the corner or around the world, Octane's installation and dismantle services are flawlessly delivered by a highly skilled and dedicated group of the industry's top technical professionals.

Octane personnel are trained to anticipate, react and overcome the myriad of challenges experienced during installation or dismantle on any sized project. We are devoted to seamless end-to-end execution and time after time reset the bar in both client service and satisfaction. We are also socially and environmentally conscious having developed for example, systems to reduce paper usage by more than 90%.

Why is Octane is your ideal partner?
In a word: focus. Our focus is always on you, our client, in the creation and execution of an engaging, memorable, enjoyable and successful event experience. We are the go-to solutions experts for:

  • · Corporate exhibitors
  • · Field marketing
  • · Museum builders
  • · Exhibit manufacturers
  • · Retail
  • · Event marketers

In addition to a host of other industries.
We understand the enormous responsibility we bear once we are entrusted with your project. Our commitment is to 100% flawless delivery every time. And we all know that when time frames are tight, you need a partner you can rely on.
Octane - delivery you can count on, performance you can trust!